Why Blogging is Important for Photographers

Why photographers need to start blogging

Starting a blog can seem like a really daunting task. As freelancers, it’s hard to imagine finding the time of day to sit down and write for your blog. Sometimes it can even feel like you’re yelling into a void. But blogging can be of major benefit to your business in a variety of ways, from lead generation to client experience. Learn more about why photographers need to start blogging, and how to get started blogging.

Blogging tips for photographers

Localized SEO for photographers

One of the major factors in why photographers start blogging is to boost their SEO. If you’re a localized photographer, blogging can be absolutely key to your marketing strategy. Localizing your content can make it easier for local, paying clients to find you and your work. For example, if a potential wedding client is doing their research, it’s likely that “[Area] photographers” is not the only query they have. They’re probably searching “[area] venues with a view”, “[area] engagement shoot locations”. Beat them to the punch–– answer their questions and lead them to your work.

Let clients get to know you

Show your clients your voice and personality. Sometimes it’s not enough to judge based off of a highly curated portfolio and web presence. Blogging allows you to show clients your voice and style beyond your direct marketing copy. Sprinkle in some personal blog posts amongst your business-centric and let your clients get to know you a little better.

Give a great client experience

If your photography specialty is something like weddings or families, it’s great to blog about your sessions for client experience. It makes your clients feel special when they’re written about, and if you can tell stories from when you met them, it might make their day. They’ll want to share your blog post as well, giving you potential new referrals within their network.

Show potential clients you’re open for business

Say you’ve started blogging as a photographer, but you’ve forgotten about it for a while. When you land on webpages that have outdated posts, it’s likely that you question whether they’re still active. Keep a blogging schedule, even if it’s once a month, to show potential clients that you are indeed open for business.

Creating a blogging schedule

Create a schedule for your blog so you can keep consistent content running. The great thing about almost every blogging platform is that you can schedule your posts. If you have just one day or a few evenings per month that you can spare to write blog posts, do it. Schedule them ahead of time to have a consistent posting schedule, so you can work now and rest later. Some photographers blog daily, others weekly or monthly. It’s all about your comfort level and how much you can reasonably take on. Whatever it is–– figure it out and stick to it.

Blogging platforms for photographers

Two of the strongest blogging platforms for photographers are WordPress and Squarespace. WordPress gives you tons of options to improve and enhance your SEO and your blogging experience. However, it’s not quite as drag-and-drop friendly as Squarespace. Sometimes, you just want to leave the web design up to the host, and that’s totally fine. There are still tons of ways you can optimize your Squarespace SEO as a photographer, and create a beautiful experience for your readers and clients.

Guest blogging for photographers

Another great way to build on your brand presence and SEO is through guest blogging. Connect with relevant sites and blogs for opportunities to share what you know with their reader base. In exchange, you get to link back to your own site and bring in new viewers and potential clients.

Sharing your photography blog

Don’t forget to share! Social media is a major way to get your blog out there. Also, share your posts with your clients if they’re featured, or create a newsletter to show off posts with local content.

Quick blogging tips for photographers

  • Get consistent with your schedule.

  • Do keyword research in your area to find out what your clients are searching.

  • Share your blog posts! The more link outs you have, the more likely it is that others will find you.

  • Be yourself. Use your natural voice and writing style.

  • Use lots of images! You’re a photographer, right? Show off your work.