Bridal Shoot at Mint Room Studios in Toronto

Bridal Shoot at Mint Room Studios

Two days after our wedding, Kenneth and I (perhaps over-ambitiously) had planned a styled bridal shoot in Toronto, ON. It, of course, happened to be the same day as a massive snowstorm hit Toronto which made it just a little more difficult to peel ourselves off the couch and out of our post-wedding coma. Nonetheless, we made it to downtown Toronto to our bridal shoot at Mint Room Studios.

Mint Room Studios bridal shoot

Mint Room Studios - The Lounge

Bridal styled shoot at Mint Room Studios

Mint Room Studios is a studio rental house in Toronto, ON. Mint Room has several different studio options, all of which go beyond your typical photo studio rental. These rooms are styled to suit different photographic and event needs that serve as an amazing backdrop for both commercial and editorial photography. We shot our editorial in The Lounge, a room that mixed fairytale with grunge.

The beauty of shooting at Mint Room Studios is that a lot of the styling is already done for you. The rooms themselves are entirely styled, so you don’t need to show up with too much prop styling. Although we brought a few of our own props, we were grateful to shoot at a space like Mint Room to be able to enter into a ready-made environment.

Bridal Shoot in Toronto

We photographed Paeyton and Maya from Peggi LePage: Model Scout on this snowy studio day. Thea Acierno styled beautiful wedding dresses by Jordan de Ruiter. Years ago when I lived in Ontario, I used to shoot lookbooks with Jordan and it’s been such a pleasure to follow her work as her brand grows and evolves.

Thea and I used to shoot a lot together around the general Toronto area, and I hadn’t seen her in a while bouncing back and forth between Brooklyn and Toronto. This bridal shoot after our wedding felt like the perfect time to reunite and vibe creatively once again. Thea recommended Michelle Silverstein for hair and makeup who was an absolute delight to work with.

Mint Room Toronto Bridal Shoot

This shoot represented a changing of seasons, a growth from the darkness. As we leave winter and enter the beauty of springtime, we’re reminded of a time of change. The styling of this shoot reflects the brighter days of spring blooming from the darkness of winter. On a snowy day like we had on this shoot day, we couldn’t wait for a touch of warmth outside. Check out more photos below from out bridal shoot in Toronto at Mint Room Studios.

Quick Tips to Plan a Styled Bridal Shoot

Ready for some quick tips to plan your own bridal styled shoot? Here are some of my pointers:

  • Don’t forget the props: bridal styling is more than just a white dress. Accessories, florals, decorations are a huge part of bridal.

  • Create an effective mood board that will get your entire team on the same page.

  • Don’t forget the rings! If you’re shooting bridal, there should be a ring on that finger.

  • Keep in mind that bridal trends are fairly seasonal. While the majority of weddings are held in warmer months, other types of seasonal weddings do exist. Make sure you’re styling for the upcoming season.

  • Shoot a variety of different types of shots. Don’t limit yourself to a certain set of angles, shots or poses to keep your styled bridal shoot as diverse in shot types as possible.