6 Things Every Bride Needs on Her Wedding Day

What does a bride need most on her wedding day? Peace of mind. After months (or years!) of planning this event, the one thing she needs most on her wedding day is to know that everything has fallen into place. To achieve that, keep prepared on your special day with these 6 things every bride needs on her wedding day.

6 Things Every Bride Needs


Keeping hydrated is important every day, but is especially important on your wedding day. You are going to spend the day very active, and likely in a dress that won’t give you too much breathing room. It’s a day of putting on your best face for all of your family and friends and staying comfortable during that is important. Keeping a water bottle handy is an absolute essential. (Plus, think of all the talking you’re going to do!)

Wedding day essentials for brides

A Good Night’s Sleep

Get a good night’s sleep before your wedding day–– if you can, that is! Having rest before your big day is important for many reasons. With all of the hustle and bustle of a large event, you’re going to want to be well and aware or the entire thing. Even if you’re running on zombie mode by the end of the day, well, that’s why you have photographers to save the memories you’re too tired to.

Phone Ringer: Off

Turn that phone ringer off and let your Maid of Honor take care of your phone. You don’t need guests who haven’t fully read the invitation, people who are lost, or any other distractions from your phone that day. Focus on yourself and the people who surround you; let your trusted MOH and bridesmaids take care of everything else.

Blotting Papers

Blotting papers will give you that photo finish and keep you looking flawless throughout the day. They’ll keep your face from looking shiny in your wedding photos, and allow you to move through the day not having to worry so much about how your skin and makeup look. 


A handy dandy, just-in-case packet of Advil is a safe bet for your wedding day. With the amount of activity and noise going on, it’s best to have a little on hand just in case. Who wants to be sitting through an eight hour day with a headache?

Extra Lipstick

Extra lipstick is great to keep around. Your makeup artist may give you the tube from the lip you’re wearing so you can keep your exact shade. Ask your bridesmaids to watch out for when you need to reapply. It will keep you looking fresh all day and all night!

Any other essentials for brides?

What are your wedding day essentials? Have I missed anything? Let me know in the comments what every bride should have on her wedding day.