Don't Do These Things When You Pay for Professional Photos

Whether it is wedding photography, a big event, a portrait session or your next holiday card, it’s important to remember that there are certain courtesies due to the photographer you are paying. If you are going to commission photography, you want it to be at its best. There are some things you can avoid doing to help yourself and the photographer when you pay for professional photos. 


When you are paying a photographer to take photos for your wedding, family, etc. it is not recommended to add a filter on top of these when you share them. The photographer you hired has spent hours adjusting the colors and lighting to suit the exact needs of the photo shoot, and make everything in the photo look its very best. When you put a filter on top that, it’s kind of like putting extra seasoning on top of a five-star restaurant’s meal. There has been a lot of time and effort put into these images, and it’s important to respect the creative choices of the photographer. They have your best interest in mind.


If there is a blemish or something else that you need fixed in your photos, ask the photographer first for their help. The photographer may not want your own retouching work on top of the work that they’ve already done. This will reflect on their business–– others may come across these photos and think that it’s the photographer altering those images. It’s best to leave it to the creative professional, and be honest about what you would like to see adjusted.

Print Them Yourself

When it comes to receiving professional photos, there is a reason that photographers offer to do the printing most of the time. It is because they know about the specifications required of the images for prints, and will likely have a relationship with a local printer or do it themselves with their own equipment. When you take commissioned photos to your local pharmacy to be printed, you aren’t going to receive the quality that the photos you paid for deserve.

Forget to Credit

Crediting your photographer is an extremely kind gesture that helps the photographer to keep their business running. Much of the photography industry involves word-of-mouth and client referrals, and being able to credit their hard work when you share images to social media is helpful. Plus, it will keep you in their good books for your future photography needs.