Best Food Photographers to Follow on Instagram - October 2018

Best foodies on Instagram
in October 2018

I love cruising Instagram for food photography. It’s probably my favorite non-puppy thing to see on there! There are so many unique food photographers with their own distinctive styles–– and some of them even share their recipes. These food photographers on Instagram are my favorite finds this month:


An incredibly talented food photographer with some truly drool-worthy photos. I particularly like this food photographer because of her dark, delightful images. She also produces recipes and videos of her amazing creations.


Louise is a super talented food and lifestyle photographer that I’m lucky enough to call a friend. Watching her work progress over the years has been a wonderful time. She shoots restaurants and chefs from the most swoon-worthy kitchens.


These food photographs will have you swooning seasonally. Not only does Antonella run a fantastic food Instagram and blog, she is the content editor of In the Mood Magazine.


These pies are too wild. Lauren Ko bakes the craziest, most beautiful and intricate pies. They look almost too pretty to eat!


Light, airy, fresh, these food and lifestyle photos are a beautiful treat for your feed. They’ll feed your eyes and your tummy.

What are some of your favorite foodie Instagrams? Drop them in the comments!