How to Dress for an Engagement Photo Shoot

What do I wear to my engagement shoot?

Not sure what to wear to your engagement shoot? The short answer: whatever makes you happy. But for those looking for a little more guidance on how to dress for an engagement shoot, I’ve put together some tips on how to dress for an engagement photo shoot.

Should you wear white? 

Wearing white, off-white and light colors to an engagement shoot is often a favorite choice. It gives the images a little bit of a bridal feeling and wearing white to an engagement shoot will often stop people in their tracks (or their feeds) to see your announcement. That being said, white isn’t your only option when it comes to engagement photography. Wear the colors you feel most comfortable in. Perhaps there’s a specific outfit that you feel would go well with the location you’ve chosen for your engagement shoot. At the end of the day, these are your engagement photos to celebrate your special story.

Check the weather before you go

You may have planned to wear short sleeves or that perfect sundress, but perhaps the weather isn’t in your favor that day. Check the weather before you leave for the engagement shoot to ensure that you’re going to be comfortable and prepared. Your comfort matters in your engagement photos, and it will show on the camera if you’re a little too cold or a little too warm.

What to wear to an engagement shoot

In the grass? Avoid heels

Avoid heels if you’re planning your engagement shoot in a grassy area. This includes parks, fields, forests— anywhere you can foresee your heels sinking into the grass. We don’t want any hazard of ruining the shoes, or for you to have any accidents during the shoot. 

Choose outfits that complement each other

When choosing what to wear for your engagement photo shoot, it’s important to remember that these are photos of the two of you together. Wear colors and patterns that complement each other’s look so your photo you two look cute and coordinated. Look at complimentary colors, similar fabrics and similar tones.

Be yourselves

The most important part of your engagement shoot is that it’s your engagement shoot. Be yourselves when you decide upon your outfits. You want these images to reflect your unique, beautiful love so you can announce your special day to the world. These are simply tips and suggestions that you can take to heart or throw out the window. Your shoot is your shoot!

Quick Tips – How to dress for an engagement shoot

  • Remove any hair ties from your wrists

  • Avoid wearing all black, unless that is a must-have for you

  • Avoid shirts with close together stripes; these do not agree with cameras thanks to the Moiré Effect

Recap the story of your engagement to your photographer. It helps them get to know you a little better and gives them some insight on the love story they are capturing

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