Should Photographers Use Twitter?

Can photographers market themselves on Twitter?

I’ve been active on Twitter for quite some time now. One of the frequent questions I get is, well, why? Should photographers use Twitter? Is there any value to photographers marketing themselves on Twitter? Here’s my breakdown of reasons why photographers should use Twitter.

Show your personality and interests

When clients Google your name, you want as much you as possible to come up. While we may not all have five or six pages of search results to our name, being able to add Twitter to your search results can help your brand. Give clients a bit of an insight into your personality and interests with Twitter. They’ve seen your awesome portfolio work, and they’re a little more interested in you as a person. Show them what you’re all about! People love to connect with a brand on a personal level. Use Twitter to be #relatable.

Twitter marketing for photographers

Share your photography work on Twitter

Some photographers use Twitter as another source to share their work. Beyond finished images that you’d see on Instagram, many take the time to share behind-the-scenes peeks on Twitter. Another cool thing photographers use Twitter for? Before/after and WIP shots. Many photographers share their photo editing and retouching skills on the platform, both for other photographers and regular people with an interest in beautiful photos. Plus, it’s a great place to market presets/actions if you’re into that.

Share with others in the photography community

There are many other photographers in the Twittersphere, and they like to converse. Start conversations with others in the photography community. Share tips, talk gear, have a good time! Connect with others in your community and build trust in your brand. 

Connect with friends and have fun

Photographers use their social media for business more often than not these days. Use Twitter to connect with friends and have fun with social media! Do the things on Twitter that you might not be able to use Facebook or Instagram to do. Sharing memes may not be 100% on brand for your photography business, but on Twitter, things are a lot more flexible. Use Twitter as a photographer for a kind of “branding break”.

Let’s connect!

Are you a photographer on Twitter? Let’s connect! Tag me on Twitter @meganbreukelman and let me know you saw this post.