October 2018 Style Essentials - 15 Items Under $50

October 2018 Style Essentials - 15 Items Under $50

Who doesn’t love fall fashion?

Let’s be real: I am not one for summertime. I don’t like sweat, my hair doesn’t fend well in humidity and I get really lazy with my fashion choices. June, July and August tend to be months of “let’s wear the loosest tees possible and hope for the best”.

When things start to cool down, it seems like everyone brings out their A-game in layering, textures and color. Plus, for redheads like myself, fall palettes tend to be a more flattering color scheme. On my quest for a bit of a fall wardrobe update, I put together these thrifty autumn essentials.

15 October style essentials under $50

Where are you shopping this October?

Let me know in the comments where you’ve found your absolute style essentials for October 2018.