Halloween 2018 Essentials for Witches - 10 Items Under $20

It Feels Good to Be a Witch

It’s October, and witching season is upon us. I’ve put together a selection of some absolutely adorable finds; now you can witch around in style. The best part? Everything is under $20. Whether you’re dressing the part or just feeling the part, these will have you covered. Read on for the Halloween witch essentials for October 2018.

Halloween Costumes – Ideas, Anyone?

Although this list is less costume-ish and more for your everyday witching activities, I’m curious–– any ideas for Halloween costumes in 2018? I was thinking this year I might be Kim Possible… but I’m slacking on my planning! Last year I was Barb from Stranger Things. By far one of my favorite costumes, because those who got it, got it.

Halloween Witch Essentials - October 2018

Do you have any witchy style pieces this October? What is your Halloween costume going to be? Let me know in the comments!