Should You Move into Wedding Videography?

Should wedding photographers move into wedding videography?

More videography photographers are asking themselves whether or not they should move into wedding videography. While you may not feel up to the task, there are some good reasons to consider making videography an addition to your business. Here’s why you should move into wedding videography.

Should wedding photographers move into videography?

Increasing demand for wedding videography

There is an increasing demand for videography. As we become a world more immersed in the digital landscape, there is an increase in video content. Consumers are starting to want their lives to be reflected in video content as well. More than ever, there is a want and need for wedding videography. With increased demand comes an increase in opportunity.

Increases your opportunities

Increase your opportunities for income by moving into wedding videography. If you have twice the skills, you’ve got double the chances to be booked for something. If you have a weekend you’re not booked for wedding photography and a video job comes up, you’re now able to take on another booking.

Hybrid photo video shooting

Some photographers choose to do hybrid photo video shooting. This is when they’re booked for both photography and videography, and either shoot hybrid on the same camera, or have two cameras that they switch between. Hybrid photo video shooting is about whatever shoot style suits you best.

Increases your value

Increasing your skill set means increasing your value. With more to offer, you can increase your rates as a professional. Adding videography to your packages as a photographer can increase the value of the deal. Otherwise, creating separate packages for videography is a great source of additional income for those who are strictly looking for video if they’ve already got their photographer.

Do it, but only if you want to do it

Make the move into wedding videography, but only if you want to do it. If you absolutely detest shooting video, don’t do it! Why would you put yourself through something you don’t want to? Moving into wedding videography should be about what you want for yourself and your business. If you’re not a fan, you’re not a fan.