Little Reminders for Battling Insecurity

Those who are struggling with deep insecurity don't need to be told what we all deal with insecurity from time to time. It doesn't make anyone feel better to hear that; it feels more like a sentiment that says you won't ever move past this. No one really does. Although those feelings can sometimes be unavoidable, there are ways to overcome insecurity and channel it into personal growth.

I have struggled with insecurity in just about every way you can at some point or another, and I look to little reminders to give me the extra push that I can't give myself. One of these is little quotes–– I leave them in places I'll need them the most (which you can see in Atlas Magazine). Here are a few of my favorite reminders for when you might need them the most.

When you can work past the self-doubt you're holding onto, it can be a great motivator to push yourself. It takes time, work and self care to get through those feelings, but hopefully these little reminders for battling insecurity help with one step of the fight.


What are some ways you deal when you're feeling down? Let me know in the comments.