A Very New Year

There's something so enticing about new beginnings, isn't there? You've read this kind of post a thousand times, I'm sure –– new year, new me and all that. But this isn't that. This is the welcoming of a much-needed new year, and new creative project.

A couple of years ago, I put down my camera after photographing non-stop for years on end. I was discouraged in my own technical skill. I worked on Atlas Magazine and immersed myself in the fashion industry, exposing myself to the work of many incredibly talented people. Somehow these experiences became both an inspiration and a setback; I was never going to be that good, so why not focus my energy elsewhere?

But here we are in 2018 and I've been shooting and creating on a near daily basis. Towards the end of 2017, the reality that so much of your life can change so quickly set in. It quickly became important to me to capture the small details while I can. My aspirations are not the same as they had been, but neither is my attitude towards creating. I want to create freely and happily, and hold onto the beautiful things in life that can so quickly disappear.

Taste & Taste is my little space to share creations from recipes to photographs to snippets of life. Enough people have asked me to share the recipes for my sweet treats that I've felt truly inspired to put creative energy out there once again. I hope you enjoy the sweets, snippets and sentiments to come.