Free Instagram Marketing Strategies for Wedding Photographers

The best free Instagram marketing ideas for wedding photographers

Instagram marketing is a time-consuming effort for many wedding photographers. Put simply, many don’t have the time to implement a lot of Instagram marketing strategies for wedding photographers. These free Instagram marketing ideas, however, don’t cost a thing and don’t take very long to implement. Use these actionable Instagram marketing tips for wedding photographers to grow your wedding business.

Use story highlights as portfolio previews

Use your Instagram story highlights as portfolio previews. These days, so many people are turning to stories over posts in the feed. Now more than ever, your business needs to be using Instagram stories in its strategy. When people visit your profile, story highlights get prime real estate. They sit above your carefully curated grid feed posts. Use these story highlights as an opportunity to share portfolio previews, reviews from couples, and a little more insight into who you are as a wedding photographer. This Instagram marketing strategy for wedding photographers is often overlooked, as photographers can find themselves to be more focused on a curated grid.

Free Instagram marketing ideas for wedding photographers

Hop on Instagram Live to connect with couples

Hop on Instagram Live to connect with your couples. Give them a sense of who you are as a person, beyond your static brand. Instagram Live is a great way to show your audience a little more grit and behind-the-scenes about your business and brand. Even if Instagram Live makes you nervous, an alternative to this is videos where people are talking to the camera. Talk to your audience directly and let them know what you’re all about. People love to connect personally with a brand, so get them invested in you as an artist and as a person.

Interact with wedding vendors followers

Many of those who are freshly following wedding vendors are people who have become recently engaged. Take some time out of your day to interact with accounts who are recently following wedding vendors. Watch their stories, comment on their photos, and take a peek for their classic engagement-gram. Wedding photographers on Instagram should be seeking out their ideal clients, so starting with vendor accounts that align with your brand is helpful.

Use localized hashtags on Instagram

Try out localized hashtags on Instagram. Instead of tagging your post #weddingphotographer, give #NewYorkWeddingPhotographer a shot. You’d be surprised at how many people are lurking those localized hashtags. Instagram is a great way for brides and grooms to scout out the vendors that they want to work with. Make it way easier to find you by using localized hashtags.

Try out Instagram story polls

What does your audience look like? Is it primarily brides and grooms? Are you connected with mainly vendors? Use Instagram story polls to get deeper insights into who is interacting with your content. This is a totally free way to get data on your audience, to be able to tailor your content more towards who you want to market to.

Tag wedding vendors and locations in your posts

Always tag the wedding vendors involved in your posts. People who may have signed on with certain venues, officiants, etc. will be scouting their tagged photos and what they’re posting. If you tag the vendors, it’s more likely that you’ll be reposted or put into their Instagram story. Getting new eyes through a vendor’s audience is a great way to ensure that you’re connecting with people who are looking to book.