How to Get Published as a Fashion Photographer

Ways to get published as a fashion photographer

Getting published as a fashion photographer is a great way to build out your book. Adding tear sheets to your portfolio builds credibility. It also gets your work in front of new audiences. Having your fashion photography published digitally is also a great way to build links for your SEO. Here are a few ways to get published as a fashion photographer.

Collaborating with magazines

How to get published as a fashion photographer

Conceptualize an editorial for a magazine you’re looking to collaborate. Make sure they are open to collaboration–– typically these are independent magazines. If the magazine accepts submissions or contributors, try your hand at pitching them an editorial. Start putting together a team for the editorial, and send a mood board to the magazine. If they like your style and think that the editorial seems aligned with their goals, this is an effective way to get your fashion photography published.

Submitting to magazines

Submit photography to fashion magazines to build out your tear sheets. Tear sheets are a great way to add some credibility to your portfolio. Having your work published shows that other people who are curating fashion photography appreciate your photo work. Submitting to magazines is also a great way to get new eyes on your content. Typically, submissions-based magazines run on themes. Pay attention to the current and upcoming themes of the magazines that you’re planning to submit to.


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Contacting blogs

Get in touch with fashion photography blogs that publish web editorials. If you’re looking to get your fashion photography work published sooner than a magazine might publish it, try submitting your fashion photography to blogs. Check out some of your favorite fashion blogs that accept web editorials, review their submissions guidelines, and give it a shot. 

Guest blogging

Guest blogging for photography blogs is a great way to get your name out there. It’s also a neat way to showcase your work while proving your expertise. Write about shooting fashion photography, working on editorials, submitting photography, and other things that you’re an expert in. Contact photography blogs and ask if there is any availability for guest blogging opportunities. This is also a great way to start link building for your SEO.

Instagram features

Submit your fashion photography to Instagram accounts that feature fashion photography. Check their bios to see if they have any submissions policies. Some accounts use hashtags, while others use tags or DMs. Getting reposted or published on bigger Instagram accounts is a good opportunity to build your social following as a fashion photographer, and foster community.