Why Photographers Should Be Blogging

Starting a Blog as a Photographer

There are an endless amount of blogs out there. You can find a blog on just about anything these days. But that shouldn’t deter you from wanting to try your hand at blogging yourself. For photographers, blogging can be beneficial to building your business. Here’s why you should start a blog as a photographer.

Show Off Your Recent Work

Show off your most recent work to clients who are looking to have a broader look at your style and work. Sometimes it can be hard to trust that a photographer is consistent with their shooting style when they only see the best of the best on their Instagram and through a quick digital portfolio. Keeping a blog with your most recent work is a way to prove your consistency and show that you’re getting work from other clients that trust you.

Start a blog as a photographer

Share Your Interests

Not only are you a photographer, but you’re a human being as well! Sharing your other interests on a blog gives people other reasons to connect with you. If somebody is throwing a niche wedding, for example, and you happen to be involved in that niche, they may be more likely to look into your work for their special day. Additionally, give your work some dimension by opening up to your audience…

Give Clients a Sense of Your Personality

Leading from sharing your interest, a blog allows you to give your clients a sense of your personality with your writing. If somebody is going to hire you, it’s important that you click personally on top of providing a photography style that suits them. Show them a little of what you’re made of with some blogging to show off your personality.

Inspire Other Photographers and Creatives

Inspire other photographers and creative professionals with your work. Share what you know; tips and tricks, because you never know who might be stumbling upon your blog and bookmarking your tips. Give others a source of inspiration–– something they’re happy to come back to and read time and time again. Plus, you never know who they might recommend to read your blog and view your work. Their referral may be your next client!

Should I blog as a photographer?

Photographers should be blogging and sharing their story with their audience. Past and potential clients alike want to know who exactly is behind those wonderful photos. Start a blog as a photographer to boost your business and visibility.