5 Ways to Help You Log Off

5 Ways to Help You Log Off

Sometimes I write things on here because I need to take my own advice, and seeing it here on Taste & Taste holds me accountable. I can’t promote five ways to log off without doing it myself. In a time when we are increasingly connected to each other and to the digital world, it’s important to give ourselves the break of “logging off” every once in a while. It’s hard to do anything these days without documenting it on our phones, and it’s hard to even sit around sometimes and relax without pulling out your phone. I’m guilty of bringing my phone in the bathtub, a habit I’m starting to break, because moments like that should be moments to disconnect and re-boot yourself. These are my simple tips to disconnect–– if only for a short while.

1. Turn your phone on Do Not Disturb.

Do not disturb is my favorite new feature of phones, especially now that there’s a feature for driving. When I get a text back that says “I’m driving and on Do Not Disturb”, I feel so much better knowing that the party on the other end is being responsible. Take do not disturb beyond the car, though, and turn it on when you’re spending time with friends or trying to get something accomplished. Don’t let the distractions of a phone eat at you and slow you down while trying to live your life.

2. Go for a walk around the block.

Take a walk around the block and get some fresh air. Bring your phone if you must for emergencies, but leave it in your pocket or bag and leave the ringer off. Enjoy the experience without documenting it on social media, or texting your friend–– allow this small action to disconnect you from WiFi.

3. Take a shower.

Your phone can’t come in the shower with you, and if you’re bringing it in with a waterproof case, that sounds like a whole other issue. Even if you’re only showering for a few minutes, that’s a few minutes to clear your head and relax. 

4. Get your hands dirty in the kitchen.

You can’t (or shouldn’t) text when your hands are covered in food! (If you are, that’s unsanitary for the food and your phone–– stop that.) Take some time to try out a new recipe and really let yourself enjoy the experience. That dough or those ingredients don’t need to be on your Instagram Story, regardless of how cute that organized clutter looks. If you’re looking for a recipe to work with, why not give these peanut butter & honey blondies a try?

5. Read a chapter of a book.

I feel like there’s a lot of books on Instagram and not a lot of reading. Take one of those books you’ve been using as a prop and read a chapter of it, uninterrupted. Absorb what you are reading and get lost in the pages of the book. Who knows? A chapter could change your whole day.

How do you log off? Let me know in the comments.