Free Facebook Marketing Strategies for Wedding Photographers

The best free Facebook Marketing ideas for wedding photographers

Facebook marketing these days can be a real challenge for photographers. Social media for wedding photographers is turning into a pay-to-play situation. There are still some free ways to promote a wedding photography business on Facebook! Check out these free Facebook marketing strategies for wedding photographers.

Create a Facebook Group

Create a Facebook Group for your couples that are getting married. Often times, people like to connect with others who are in the same boat. Give them a chance to connect with each other, offer exclusive things to the group, and create a sense of community. Fostering community as a wedding photographer can lead to a great client experience, and the potential for more leads.

Free Facebook Marketing ideas for wedding photographers

Get this image to 100 likes, receive 3 free prints

Ask your wedding photography couple to get an image from their wedding to 100 likes. In exchange, you can give them free prints, or whatever you’d like. Frame it as “if you can get this to 100 likes, you’ll get a free XX!” and get them excited about the challenge. After they’ve had all of their friends like the image, you can use the ‘invite to like’ feature. When you click to see who has liked the post, it will give you the option to invite them to like your page.

Offer a discount to 1 person who shares your post

Offer a discount of a certain percent or amount to one person who shares your post. Give them a deadline to share the post by, and select one person who shared the post to give a discount to. This will get people sharing your work when they may not have otherwise. It will also introduce their audiences to your work, and allow you to connect with potential new clients.

Use Facebook Live to connect with your couples

Connect with your couples using Facebook Live. Start a Facebook live and go through some frequently asked questions. Let any couples who are there to learn ask some questions in the chat box. People love to connect personally with brands. Giving them a bit of who you are personally through a Facebook live shows them a more candid insight into who the person they’re hiring is.

Ask for Facebook reviews after the wedding

After your weddings, you should be asking your couples for reviews. Don’t leave Facebook reviews out of the mix. Some photographers find their important reviews to be ones through The Knot, WeddingWire or Google reviews. But don’t sleep on Facebook reviews! Ask for these for brides and grooms who are finding you through Facebook. Consumers are more likely to purchase after they’ve read reviews. Given that wedding photography is a consumer trade, you don’t want to skip out on Facebook reviews for wedding photographers.

Use a video reel as your cover photo

Grab your couples attention as soon as they land on your page. Use a video reel as your cover photo and give your clients a unique perspective into your craft. Show them a bit of what they could experience themselves. Having video content as an immersive marketing tool shows your audience more than just a flat image. It gives them a behind-the-scenes look at you and your craft. It may even show them more value in your work. Many people find it hard to grasp why photography costs what it does–– use a short video reel to show them what it is they’re getting when they hire you.