Best Email Tools for Photographers in 2020

The best email marketing tools for photographers

Email marketing tools for photographers


Mailbutler has been an absolute lifesaver in my photography business workflow. This is an application that works with both the native Gmail web platform and Mail on your Mac. I use Mailbutler to snooze emails that I’m not quite ready to answer. It’s also a great tool for scheduling emails that you may not want to send right away. One reason I use scheduled sends: sometimes I answer emails at 10PM but don’t want clients to know that I’m available to answer them that late at night. Scheduling emails is great for setting boundaries with clients. Another great reason to schedule emails: followups. If you are planning to follow up with a client on a particular day or week, scheduling it ahead of time makes sure that you don’t forget to follow up. This makes it a lot easier to prevent jobs from falling through the cracks. One of my favorite features of Mailbutler? Opening and link tracking. Check on when your clients are opening (or ignoring!) your emails with Mailbutler. You can also check on if they’ve clicked the links within your emails.


If you’re planning on diving into email marketing, Mailchimp is a great place to start. Mailchimp is a highly visual email marketing platform that gives you a lot of creative control. Plus, for the first 2000 subscribers, your account is free! For those who are just starting with email marketing, Mailchimp is the perfect place to build your email community. Use Mailchimp to schedule weekly or monthly newsletters to keep your work at top of mind for your audience. Share your blog content with your audience with Mailchimp to keep them engaged with your business. Give exclusive offers to email subscribers. Your email list is the only audience you natively own. The audience you build on social media, at the end of the day, is owned and controlled by those social networks. Building up your email list can benefit your business.

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Boomerang for Gmail

Before I switched to Mailbutler, I had a great time using Boomerang for Gmail. I switched to Mailbutler for the versatility of being able to use their tool with Mail for Mac. However, if you’re a dedicated Gmail user, Boomerang is a great tool for easily scheduling out emails. Boomerang will also “boomerang” emails back to you that need followup or further communication. If you’re looking for the absolute simplest email tool for Gmail, look no further than Boomerang for Gmail.

Squarespace Email Campaigns

Squarespace recently launched their tool for email campaigns. Although there is less control than a platform like Mailchimp, if you are looking for a beautiful, simple email marketing tool, Squarespace email campaigns might be the right fit for you. They’re located under your Squarespace account. There are not as many options for automation and triggers, but Squarespace email campaigns are beautiful and engaging like the platform itself is.