Upgrading from the Canon 5D Mark II to the Canon 6D Mark II

Switching from Canon 5D Mark II to Canon 6D Mark II

It took me ten years to invest in a new camera, but when I did, it felt amazing. I’m not a camera equipment reviewer by any means, but I wanted to write about the truly remarkable difference that this upgrade made. I made the switch from the Canon 5D Mark II to the Canon 6D Mark II. Shooting has never been more fun! Will I wait another ten years to upgrade? Who knows.

The shutter life of the 5D Mark II is about 150,000 clicks, but I suspect I definitely went over that with ten years of usage. The camera’s held up pretty well over the years, but when she started to show some real signs of aging, I caved and finally upgraded.

Comparing the Canon 5D Mark II and Canon 6D Mark II - The Biggest Differences

Wifi & Bluetooth Capabilities

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities of the Canon 6D Mark two were some of the best updates for me. The fact that I can view photos on my mobile, import photos to my computer via Wi-Fi completely change the game for me.  The Canon 5D Mark two didn’t have any of these features and they have been a delightful upgrade for me.

Focus Points

The Canon 5D Mark II had 9 focal points, while the 6D Mark II has 45 focus points. This was one of the most dramatic differences I noticed when making the switch with these cameras. That’s 36 more focus points to work with–– a major improvement.

Image Quality

The Canon 5D Mark II was 21MP, while the Canon 6D Mark II is 26MP. Although not the biggest difference, there is certainly a noticeable difference in quality.

Video FPS

The frames per second for the video feature is something that I was really excited about the 6D Mark two. You can fill them up to 60 frames per second with the 60 Mark two, while with the 5D Mark two you could only go up to 24 frames per second. This has totally upgraded my video shooting experience. 

Detachable Screen

Such a cool feature–– a screen you can move around and use for flexible shooting. Not only that, but it’s a touch screen! It makes video shooting way easier and gives you more ease in moving around.

Relatively Lightweight

For the quality of camera, the 6D Mark II is definitely a light weight option. I don’t have the best time with my shoulders after a long day of shooting, and the weight of the 6D Mark II is comparable to the 5D Mark II, but 85g lighter.

Worth the upgrade? Absolutely!

I’m so, so happy with the choice to upgrade from the Canon 5D Mark II to the Canon 6D Mark II. I know I’m a little late in the game for an upgrade, but the Canon 5D Mark II lasted a long time and served me well. Now, I’m ready to start a new chapter with the 6D Mark II. I can’t believe I’ve been shooting on the same digital camera for ten years! Time to take the new one on some adventures.