Pinterest for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Pinterest SEO

Pinterest is an increasingly important tool for marketers on all levels, from freelancers to big companies. The first thing you need to understand: Pinterest is not a social network. Pinterest is a visual search engine, and should be treated as such. Once you make this shift in perception, marketing on Pinterest becomes a vastly easier landscape to navigate. I've put together this easy guide to Pinterest SEO based on the best results I've had in utilizing and understanding Pinterest for different brands.

Why do I need to use Pinterest?

If you're a small business owner, a blogger, a brand marketer, or work in any sort of visual field, you should be on Pinterest. Pinterest is the perfect way to introduce your content to an audience you didn't know existed. Not only that, but it's often used to convert traffic and sales for small business owners –– when executed properly.

What is Pinterest SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization, and when thinking about Pinterest as a search engine rather than a social media platform, this is an absolute key element to success for your brand on Pinterest. I'm going to show you the basics of how to optimize your Pinterest profile for easy conversions for your small business.

Pinterest SEO Basics: Updating Your Profile

An important step is becoming searchable on Pinterest to your target audience. Although Pinterest has recently limited the amount of characters allowed in your Name, you can still use this to specify your niche.

Name on Pinterest
Before: Megan Breukelman
After: Megan | Photographer | Editor

You can use your description, with a more freed up character count, to put your full name and a more descriptive idea of what your business is. This way, when someone is searching for your topic, your profile is a lot easier to find.

Description on Pinterest
Before: I love pictures, plain and simple.
After: Megan Breukelman | Editor of Atlas Magazine | Brooklyn Photographer, Baker, Blogger

Pinterest SEO Basics: Specifying Boards

Get down to the nitty gritty with your boards. When users are searching on Pinterest, they're typically looking for something a little more specific than "desserts", because there are thousands of boards that are general dessert boards. The more specific you get with your boards, the more likely it is that you're going to be found by an audience that might not know you yet. The more specific you get, the more you stand out.

Boards on Pinterest
Before: Dessert Recipes
After: Cookie Recipes, Cake Recipes, Summer Dessert Recipes, Fall Dessert Recipes, Autumn Cake Recipes, Brownie Recipes, Gluten Free Dessert Recipes, etc.

Before: Photo Shoot Ideas
After: Underwater Photo Shoots, Black and White Photo Shoots, Pink Fashion Photos, Summer Photo Shoot Ideas, Forest Photo Shoots

Another important point is to be very clear with your names. If you have a wedding inspiration Pinterest board for example, "I Do <3" is not going to get the same traction as "September Wedding Inspiration".

Naming Boards on Pinterest
Before: Say Yes to the Dress
After: Vintage Style Wedding Dresses, September Wedding Dresses, Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses, Lacy Wedding Dresses, etc.

Pinterest SEO Basics: Updating Your Boards

Now that your boards are named properly, let's make them even easier to find. Update your board descriptions with keywords that will make it simple for new audiences to find these boards. Instead of saying "My style inspiration", try something a little more descriptive.

Board Descriptions on Pinterest
Before: My style inspiration
After: Autumn style inspiration. Looking at street style in fall. Ideas for fall looks, easy fall fashion inspiration.

Pinterest SEO Basics: Keywording Your Pins

Think about the way you search on Google. It's not likely you're searching for "Dessert recipe by Megan Breukelman", but rather "Apple donuts recipe". Consider this when you're writing your pin descriptions, and try to think of keywords that your audience might be searching for when they're looking on Pinterest.

Pin Keywording on Pinterest
Before: Megan's apple donut recipe
After: Apple donut recipe, maple caramel glaze, fall recipes, fall desserts, easy fall recipes, easy fall dessert recipes, donut glaze recipe, fall donuts, autumn donuts, etc.

That's it!

Go out and tackle your Pinterest SEO update, and be prepared to take your visual marketing to the next level. Let's connect on Pinterest @meganbreukelman, and you can see what I'm up to on one of my favorite visual tools.

Any questions?

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