How to Support Your Blogger Friends

We all know one of them…

Whether or not you’re a blogger, it’s very likely that you have at least one friend with a blog. Blogging takes a lot of effort, energy, and vulnerability to be able to do. Showing support can be a meaningful moment for your relationship with said blogger. Have you ever wondered how to support your blogger friends?

How to Support Bloggers

Let’s Get Supportive!

There are simple and kind ways to show support for your blogger friends. They’re trying to make it work by putting it all out there, and one can only hope that they’d show the same support for you in your endeavors. It all starts with small, simple connections.

How to Support Your Blogger Friends:

Reading Their Blog

Give their blog a shot! If you’re on a long commute on public transit, stop scrolling your feed and take a look at what your friends are putting out there. It’s so meaningful for bloggers to be able to talk to friends about their work, and have them actually be familiar with the content. Knowing that their words can impact just one person can mean a lot.

Sharing Posts

Sharing is caring. Share their blog post(s)! You might have connections who are interested in their blog’s content, even if it doesn’t fall into your particular niche. If you can give them even one interested viewer who could be intrigued enough to follow along, you’ve made an impact on their blogging career.

Leaving Comments

Let your friends know that you’re reading their content! Seeing a comment in the comments section from a familiar name is a heartwarming moment for bloggers. Taking the extra time and effort to leave a comment if their post impacts you makes a world of difference.

Signing Up to Newsletters

Keeping up with blog newsletters is a very impactful way to support bloggers. Plus, you never know what your friends might be offering that you’re missing out on! As many in the blog and community will say, the newsletter is the most powerful tool. Being able to support your blogging friends with one quick sign-up can make a small but meaningful dent in their business.

Following Them on Social

If you’re friends, you’re probably already doing this. But nonetheless–– follow your blogger friends on social! Whether they’ve got a Facebook page for their business promotions, an Instagram feed that’s killing their grid game, or even a Twitter for everything in between, you can show your support by following their social presence.

Spread the Love

Whether your friend is the first time blogger or has been at it for years, showing little tidbits of support Can be more valuable than you know. Let your friends know that you believe in what they’re doing, because friends who support each other stay together.

Let me know how you support your blogger friends or community in the comments!