Atlas Magazine Releases the Brazen Issue

Atlas Magazine Releases the Brazen Issue

The Brazen Issue is finally here!

The Brazen Issue of Atlas Magazine is here, and I couldn't be prouder of the work put into this issue. Although this last August was a bit of a difficult month, I managed to get the issue put together in time. I'm so excited about several of the features, and a couple of new things for Atlas Magazine.

What's new?

This is the first time Atlas is featuring embedded video editorial content, and I couldn't be happier at the way it turned out. Before you get skeptical–– turn to page 6.

Additional to our beautiful visual editorials in the Brazen Issue, flip through to read about Feiruza Mudessir of Finchitua, a brand shaking up the Middle Eastern fashion industry with its Avant-Modest line. SPKTRM Beauty is trailblazing in beauty, looking to disrupt the industry with their retouching ban and ethical practices. Designer Shadgie Jean is crafting one-of-a-kind wearable art with the women of Haiti, aiming to empower with fair, equitable and responsible work. These are the creatives who have brazenly said ‘no’ to the cookie cutter approach to fashion and are making waves with unique and innovative ideas.

Finally, every editorial in this magazine is mobile optimized, thanks to Issuu's new Issuu Stories feature. Now when readers are looking at Atlas editorials on their mobile or tablet devices, they're met with a clean, seamless reading experience.

Thank you to all those who make Atlas Magazine possible.

I'm so excited to share this and hope you'll take a peek. Special thanks to Giselle Melendres for holding down the fort with Atlas' web editorials while I've been working on putting together the issue, and another huge thanks to Eve J Liu for this beautiful cover.