Alternative Wedding Venue Ideas for the Unique Couple

Wedding Venue Ideas Outside the Box

It can be hard to find wedding venues for unique couples. Sometimes it just feels easiest to Google ‘wedding venue [city]’ and go on with booking from there. But that’s not always right for every couple! You want a unique wedding venue for your special day and thinking outside the box can be stressful with the million other tasks you’ve got to consider while planning a wedding. Consider this your cheat sheet to alternative wedding venue ideas for couples as unique and creative as you.

Unique wedding venue ideas

Photography Studio Wedding Venues

Believe it or not, often times photography studios are open to events. It makes sense–– they’re essentially blank canvas event spaces that give you the opportunity to be creative with your wedding venue setup. Much of the time, photography studios come equipped with kitchens for larger budget photo shoots, perfect for bringing in your own wedding caterer. Additionally, they are not usually tied to their own caterers, rental companies or other vendors, giving you much more freedom with your selections of wedding vendors. Photo studios make a perfect alternative wedding venue for the couple that isn’t afraid to get creative.

Coffee Shop Wedding Venues

If you’re not having a morning wedding, this might be the perfect option for you. Now, I’m not talking about your regular hole-in-the-wall coffee shop. Several larger coffee shops also double as event spaces; you just have to look hard enough. Coffee shop wedding venues will often feel warm and cozy, and they may even have some cool décor. Plus, if you love coffee, throwing your wedding in a coffee shop is a great personalized way to celebrate the day. 

Art Gallery Wedding Venues

Your local art gallery is likely to double as an event space. These typically are more of a “blank canvas” type of space, similar to the photo studios. Some galleries have gorgeous natural lighting, while others are designed to tailor the lighting to your exact specifications. Some may have gallery showings booked, but you’ll find that many are willing to have clean walls for your wedding day.

Inexpensive wedding venue ideas

Brewery Wedding Venues

Breweries as a wedding venue are a fun way to spend your special day if you’re a couple that loves beer. They will often have large spaces that are able to be transformed for events, and are often hooked up with all the right vendors to suit your wedding day needs. If your wedding party is the type that loves a party party, breweries as a wedding venue are a great option.

Airbnb + Peerspace Wedding Venues

No, I’m not kidding–– you can actually get an Airbnb wedding venue. Now, this site isn’t specifically designed to search for wedding venues, so you have to get a little bit crafty. Instead of searching directly on Airbnb, Google “ wedding [city name]”. This will bring up listings that specifically have ‘wedding’ in them!

There are usually a good handful of Airbnbs local to your region that make for perfect wedding venues–– and are specifically willing to cater to the occasion. It is not a good idea to throw your wedding at an Airbnb or Peerspace that has zero prior knowledge to your event being thrown there; however, for the listings that are designed for events and weddings, Airbnb and Peerspace wedding venues are an awesome hidden gem for your big day.

Alternative Wedding Venues for Unique Couples

Let me know in the comments about your unique wedding venue ideas. There are tons of different options to explore in venues, for both ceremony and reception. It just takes a little digging to get past your typical event spaces!