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Use Instagram to Get Wedding Photography Clients

Instagram is a terrific visual marketing tool for creatives to use to their advantage. When used strategically, it can be used by photographers for lead generation. But how exactly can you translate this social platform into paying clients? These are my strategies to use Instagram to get wedding photography clients.

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Don't Do These Things When You Pay for Professional Photos

If you are going to commission photography, you want it to be at its best. There are some things you can avoid doing to help yourself and the photographer when you pay for professional photos. 

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Atlas Magazine Presents: The Memory Issue

In one of the busiest seasons of my life, I've released the Memory Issue of Atlas Magazine. I’ve also finally revamped its website, something that was desperately needed. It’s been somehow both soothing and stressful to set aside more time and energy than usual on this project. With so many years of it under my belt, you’d think it’d be routine by now, but I’m constantly working to evolve and elevate.

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